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The idea came about in mid-December of 2001. It was started as a vent from the frustration of a relationship. The trials and tribulations had become too much, and insanity was setting in. We have all been there at one time or another. The love of your life (so you thought) turns on you. Liars, cheaters and backstabbers they are everywhere. If you are in one of these relationships with an above described half-wit you may ask yourself what am I to do?

Join the Army – the SFL army. We are here to enjoy life, not to be tormented by the outdated idea of marriage. It’s hard enough getting through the day with the world’s high idiot count. Who needs to come home to a whole other world of aggravation? It’s better to be alone and happy then with some shitnick making you miserable. Let’s all stay sane and Single For Life!!

With this mindset, SFL was created. T-shirts and stickers were designed and ordered early in 2002. The release date was February 14 – Valentine’s Day. Within thirty days fifty T-shirts and 250 stickers were sold. An Internet domain name was registered and a temporary web site was set up. The whole project has taken a little over a year to get going.This is the new website setup in the last half of 2004. It’s been a couple of years and things have really taken off. Hundreds of shirts have been sold and stickers have been posted throughout the country. There are six shirt designs out for both ladies and the gents with more on the way.

We are here to let people know its okay to be single. Whether you are searching for love and coming up short or tired of the ball and chain. SFL Products can fulfill your needs. We are committed to non-commitment. So lets all stay stress free and…

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Jason DelaneyHence I stay single!8   ·  1 month ago

Damien DarkoOh, here come the women with the "not always the woman's fault" argument. Have you ladies heard of MGTOW yet? Stands for Men Going Their Own Way, and God bless their single, video game playing souls. Women are nothing but money pits these days, and with the internet, she's only one click away from a world of ass kissing simps that will throw themselves at her. The game is rigged gentlemen, get out while you sitll can!9   ·  1 month ago

Wyatt Bill MorrisYup ppl font understand commitment. The man loses romance cuz he is tired. Yes a man gets tired. Of what? The kids the nagging wife and bills and sometimes school. And then in this case the woman looking for spark finds one and screws up everything. Destroyed a man who woulda died for her over some coffee. She keeps thinking love is a fairytale when it's not. It's a commitment. It's saying yes I love you cuz I want you forever and nobody else. Men bottle up so many things it's crazy. Trust me a woman doesn't want to heat what the man has to say sometimes. If she is gonna be selfish and look for her happiness with a quick fix then idk why she is even around him. Same goes for guys. Fellas love your girl. If she is holding ur baby rub her feet and her back. If she has a shitty day and yall had plans to go out with friends. Cancel that shit draw her a bath pour her some wine and order pizza. If yall are married remember why you got married. B4 you get married ask her or him why do you wanna marry me. Hell write down put in a box and give to them later. Learn this ppl. My generation sucks. They are to interested in fun. Grow up. Yall are gonna hurt the wrong person some day and ur gonna regret it. I wish I wasn't 19 I wish was like 50 or older. So I could be in a generation that respects themselves13   ·  1 month ago

Michelle-Mikki Ward WilliamsWRONG! Faithful wife for 25 years - he was an alcoholic, prescription drug addict, addicted to porn, a liar and a cheater and he left me and his kids to move half way across the state.9   ·  1 month ago

Raymond GagnonSome men do the same, I agree. Problem is: no matter the circumstances the man is blamed & loses everything. Pre-nuptiuals guys! Protect yourself and don't mess up your marriage!3   ·  1 month ago

Sunshine SunshadesTrue it happens but it doesn't have to. Marriage is work. Work at it or stay single! Divorce produces wounds in children that can never heal.3 weeks ago

Tamara DelfingNot always the woman's fault. My piece of shit dad left my mom "cause he wasn't ready for a family" when we were family number 3 for him. He went on to have at least 2 more after he left my mom. Marriages end for a ton of reasons. Putting the blame on one person does nothing.7   ·  1 month ago

Chris Matlockregardless whether it a the husband or wife the problem.is people expect marriage and kids to fix something.or there expectations are too high. the sanitary of marriage is not respected the way it should.and people just rush into it1 month ago

Sara StadlerBecause men are the only ones with responsibilities? I work, I go to school, I've got bills to pay. Fuck this shit.1   ·  1 month ago

Joe VigilanteCost benefit analysis prove marriage is a losing proposition for men. Everything to lose, very little to gain.2   ·  1 month ago

Phillip HuttWait the guy looks happy golfing and then the story goes on where he is single again happier than ever!1   ·  1 month ago

Breeana Larsonmen do the same thing too, it's not just the women. js. goes both ways.1   ·  1 month ago

Laetin KayYup Fuck women1   ·  1 month ago

Chet Patrick RyderYep... Black people.1   ·  1 month ago

Kristine Clark💯, sad but true1   ·  1 month ago

Dan Jong Sunglol inb4 the masses of insecure women come marching in to yell SEXISM!!1 month ago

Mark ArmstrongUh, she cheated. She wouldn't get SHIT in the divorce AND she would lose her kids.3 weeks ago

Michael Paramatma MendezSo sad1 month ago

Nick BrownBetter call Tyrone!1 month ago

Susan Bruley-JohnsonIt usually goes the other way , men get bored, women dont have time in most cases..but good analogy..4 days ago

Mark Graveline@Anna did you expect an entitlement or something,,, seems like you still have underlying issues you should talk to someone about instead of FACEBOOK... Just saying😕1 month ago

Andrew Jackson ComerWow, that hits home...1 month ago

Patrick BirneyPretty much!1 month ago

Vincent MartinezThat's what's wrong all relationships now a days1 month ago

Marion Cobretti IISo motherfucking true Devin Houle1 month ago

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